The Gerdü is an online boutique curating extraordinary handmade products from artisans around the globe. 
"Ger-doo (Ger-dü)" translates to ``Walnut`` in Farsi . The Persian walnut is world-traveled and introduced to the world by Alexander the Great. It spread throughout the globe in Europe and Africa by the Romans, and later in Turkey by merchants traveling along the Silk Road, and eventually brought to the Americas in the 17th century by English colonists.
The Gerdü, is our visualization of a unique gallery displaying well-traveled pieces that reflect an individual’s character. We are lovers of art, culture, and those who turn their traditional-unfiltered passion into bohemian works of art.
Each piece reflects the personal stories of their craftmakers and the wider narrative of the cultures that inspire them.
Enjoy exploring our inspired products.





To learn more:

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Photos by: The Love Studio