Gerdü's Smudge Kit // CALM


The perfect smudge kit for cleansing & clearing your environment. Use it during your Yoga sessions, daily smudging ritual or to simply bring natural, woody, earthy scents to your space. 

They also make a meaningful, eclectic gift. Every item in this kit has been sourced from different parts of the world ~

The kit includes:

- (1) Marble Bowl- Hand carved in India from the finest white marble stone

- (1) California White Sage- (Salvia Apiana)-  ~ 4" L

- (1) Palo Santo Stick- Hand cut from Peru- ~ 4" L

- (1) Desert Post Card- can have your personalized message

Usage: place them on the marble bowl or other heat proof surface. Light one end for approximately 20 seconds, blow out the flame & your stick will smolder, releasing the pleasant smoke for up to 4 minutes. Relight once the tip is no longer lit.